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Texas talk is losing its twang

The Los Angeles Times, 18 January 2013
Publié le : 18 janvier 2013
 Molly Hennessy-Fiske 
AUSTIN, Texas — Don Graham, an English professor at the University of Texas at Austin, likes to tell the story of a student who once worked as a cowboy. "Wore hat and boots," Graham says. "He was the real deal."

At the end of the academic year, the student told Graham, "You were the only professor at UT I ever had who spoke English."

"What he meant," Graham says, "was I was the only one who spoke his language."

And by language, the student meant talking Texan — the distinctive twang and drawl that becomes almost an attitude, from the first "howdy" to the last "thank you, kindly." Conversation can be as extreme as the landscape in Texas, where locals will tell you it gets hotter than a stolen tamale and the wind blows like perfume through a prom.

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