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Quakes in Chile and Haiti raise concerns about Southland preparedness

The Los Angeles Times, 4 March 2010
Publié le : 4 mars 2010
 Cara Mia DiMassa 
"For all the attention generated by the massive earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, experts in California remain skeptical that residents of this quake-prone region are any better prepared for the inevitable Big One. "California saw a rise in quake awareness and retrofitting after the state recorded a series of major temblors over seven years: Whittier in 1987, Loma Prieta in 1989 and Northridge in 1994. But there hasn't been a devastating temblor in the state since the Northridge quake, and experts are concerned that quake preparedness may have declined in recent years. "A recent survey by the Norman Lear Center at USC found that even those who have received earthquake education are not as prepared as they should be." Read on...
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