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U.S. scrambles to contain WikiLeaks damage

The Los Angeles Times, 30 November 2010
Publié le : 30 novembre 2010
 Paul Richter 
"Reporting from Washington The massive leak of secret diplomatic cables sent a tremor from Washington through world capitals Monday, exposing deception and scheming that world leaders take great pains to keep private and complicating some of America's most sensitive strategic relations. "Release of the cables by the WikiLeaks website Sunday shocked a culture built on the expectation that candid discussions should remain exactly that amounting, in the words of the Italian foreign minister, to the "Sept. 11 of world diplomacy." "Diplomats and world leaders said the revelations probably would make them less forthcoming in their discussions and their reports back home, a development that could make it more difficult to manage policy and head off problems. There were indications that the leak could cause a backlash in countries vital to U.S. interests, such as Pakistan and Yemen." Read on...
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