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Putin wins election as Russian president; opponents claim widespread fraud

The Washington Post, 5 March 2012
Publié le : 5 mars 2012
 Kathy Lally and Will Englund 

MOSCOW Vladimir Putin won the Russian presidency with an overwhelming number of votes as predicted Sunday, but he returns to that office with his strong hand weakened and many of his countrymen far more assertive and ambitious than when he first took power 12 years ago.

With the Kremlin towers gleaming majestically behind him, Putin strode onto a stage Sunday night to declare victory with only about 30 percent of the vote counted and charges of vote-rigging resounding. Astonishingly, a tear slid slowly from his right eye as he stood before a cheering crowd. Then he uttered a fiery speech more in keeping with the tough-guy image he has so carefully cultivated. He later blamed the tear on the wind.

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