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Moammar Kadafi gives U.N. his opinions on Obama -- and more

The Chicago Tribune, 24 September 2009
Publié le : 24 septembre 2009
 Tina Susman 
"Reporting from The United Nations - Libyan leader Moammar Kadafi had a lot to gripe about: He was jet-lagged. There was no comfortable place to plant his tent. Some of the diplomats on the floor of the U.N. General Assembly were distracted. ""Please pay attention!" he said at one point Wednesday during his more than 90-minute speech, his first at the General Assembly. "Nevertheless, Kadafi offered a virtual valentine to none other than President Obama, his predecessor on the podium, praising him as a glimmer of hope for the next few years and suggesting that he take a cue from Libya and become president-for-life." Read on...
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