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Kayakers represent USA in queen's Diamond Jubilee flotilla

USA Today, 4 June 2012
Publié le : 4 juin 2012
 Elizabeth Weise 
SAN FRANCISCO – On Sunday, as more than a thousand boats begin a stately flotilla down the Thames river in celebration of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee, the procession will be led by 71 kayaks. Near the front, hoping they don't get too tired, will be two doctors from San Francisco, the lone U.S. kayak entry.

The expedition is the brainchild of Kieron Leslie, a professor of medicine at the University of California-San Francisco. British-born Leslie, who did his medical training at the University of London, holds dual U.S.-British citizenship. When he heard that the Queen's 60th anniversary on the throne would include a river extravaganza, he immediately wanted to be a part of the event honoring his sovereign.

The fact that he didn't own a boat and had no river experience did not deter him in the least. Last summer he looked up the flotilla's website and filled out an application.

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