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Japan’s nuclear crisis grows more dire after third explosion, reactor fire

The Washington Post, 15 March 2011
Publié le : 15 mars 2011
 Steven Mufson and Chico Harlan 

"Japan's nuclear emergency turned more dire on Tuesday after the third explosion in four days rocked the seaside Fukushima Daiichi complex and fire briefly raged in a storage facility for spent fuel rods at a fourth, previously unaffected reactor.

"Officials from Tokyo Electric Power Co., owner of the nuclear complex, said radioactive substances were emitted after a 6:14 a.m. explosion, which took place in the unit 2 reactor. The blast took place near or in the suppression pool, which traps and cools radioactive elements from the containment vessel, officials said. The explosion appeared to have damaged valves and pipes, possibly creating a path for radioactive materials to escape.

"A grave Prime Minister Naoto Kan told the nation Tuesday morning that radiation had already spread from the reactors and there was still a very high risk of further radioactive material escaping. He advised people within 19 miles of the plant to remain indoors. He urged calm."

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