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In Iraq, U.S. troops aren't yet in the clear

The Los Angeles Times, 2 December 2011
Publié le : 2 décembre 2011
 David Zucchino 
Two weeks ago, Army Spc. David Hickman called from Baghdad, excited about coming home in time for Christmas. His mother recalled feeling a wave of relief just "hearing David's voice." The next day, Nov. 14, soldiers knocked at Veronica Hickman's door. Her son had been killed by a roadside bomb in Baghdad that morning. In the twilight of a war that many Americans regard as over, with only a month before all the troops are to be gone, David Hickman may prove to be the last soldier to die in Iraq. That, at least, is the prayer of families of the remaining U.S. forces, who face an agonizing wait as the rapidly diminishing number of troops pack up and head home. Read on...
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