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Continent Should Look Beyond Itself

The New York Times, 20 May 2010
Publié le : 20 mai 2010
 Alison Smale 

"MANAMA, BAHRAIN Five days after Europe went through what its leaders trumpeted as the history-making weekend of the nearly $1 trillion rescue of the euro, scores of thinkers assembled here to mull geo-economic factors in global stability.

"The good and bad news for Europe seemed to be that, while the euro crisis produced the most lively session of the gathering, it is not front and center of thinking in the increasingly influential other parts of the world, most of them to Europe's south and east.

"The Greek affair, in the words of one Australian speaker. Monteq Singh Aluwahlia, deputy planning chief for India and a former World Bank economist, noted that Greece faced a very tough time, emblematic of the political struggles that arise from a new focus on sovereign debt. Resultant fiscal contractions that tear at consensus, he suggested, threaten to choke already feeble growth in the developed world."

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