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Afghan and U.S. Forces Begin Effort to Reclaim Remote Area From Taliban

The New York Times, 1 June 2010
Publié le : 1 juin 2010
 Alissa J. Rubin 

"KABUL, Afghanistan In an effort to win back a remote district taken by the Taliban, NATO helicopters dropped more than 200 Afghan commandos and a smaller number of American special forces troops into northeastern Nuristan Province overnight Monday, NATO officers close to the operation said Tuesday.

"A recent influx of insurgents, primarily Pakistani Taliban, into the district led to battles with Afghan forces during the past week and had raised fears that the insurgents were trying to establish a safe haven there after being forced out of Pakistan by the Pakistani Army.

"The district, Barg-e-Matal is high in the mountains near Afghanistan's eastern border with Pakistan's Chitral Province."

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