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Whitey Bulger, a savvy, feared fugitive, is found frail and paranoid

The Los Angeles Times, 24 June 2011
Publié le : 24 juin 2011
 Robert Faturechi, Andrew Blankstein and Scott Gold 
"James "Whitey" Bulger's image seemed set in stone. He was a Boston "Southie," a street punk who climbed out of the projects on a ladder of crime petty larceny, then burglary, then bank robbery, then at least 21 murders, according to authorities, one in which a man standing in a phone booth was shot so many times his torso was nearly severed from his legs. "Savvy and feared, Bulger seized control of a mob empire, running rackets, shakedowns and drug deals over 40 years, officials say, before fleeing Boston in December 1994 on the eve of a federal indictment." Read on...
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