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Papers Detail Swiss Pursuit of Polanski

The New York Times, 21 October 2009
Publié le : 21 octobre 2009
 Sarah Wheaton 
"For Roman Polanski, the acclaimed filmmaker who spent 31 years on the lam from child rape charges, Switzerland was a public refuge. Though he lived in Paris, he traveled to the country frequently, and even owned a chalet in the Alps.

"But, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press, the government that ignored him for decades eventually raised an eyebrow in his direction on Sept. 22, tipping off the United States to his imminent arrival in Zurich and setting the stage for his arrest four days later.

"The documents, acquired by the A.P. through a public records request, shed further light on the process that led to Mr. Polanski's arrest and how quickly U.S. officials were alerted by the Swiss, whose actions have been criticized by Mr. Polanski's supporters." Read on...
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