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Three terrorists convicted of plotting to blow up jets over Atlantic

The Guardian, 8 September 2009
Publié le : 8 septembre 2009
 Vikram Dodd 

"British terrorists planned to blow up at least seven transatlantic flights from London, murdering more than 1,500 people in a plot on a scale to rival the September 11 attacks, a jury found today.

"As three men now face life sentences after being found guilty of conspiring to explode liquid bombs on airliners flying from Britain to North America, the former head of US homeland security at the time of their arrests has revealed that the threat was taken so seriously that President George Bush was repeatedly briefed on the status of a UK surveillance operation on the London council flat being used as a terrorist bomb factory.

"The plan involved inserting liquid explosives into empty bottles of Lucozade and Oasis, colouring the liquid so it appeared to be the same as the original."

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