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Press has lost self-restraint on criminal cases, says attorney general

The Guardian, 2 December 2011
Publié le : 2 décembre 2011
 Owen Bowcott 

Newspapers have lost any sense of self-restraint and are ignoring their responsibilities, the attorney general has warned in a speech on the risks of contempt of court.

Explaining why he initiated a spate of prosecutions to prevent criminal cases being prejudiced, Dominic Grieve said that bloggers and tweeters in cyberspace should not consider themselves immune from "the law of the land".

Addressing students at City University's school of journalism in London, Grieve said he had become increasingly concerned at what he "perceived to be the increasing tendency of the press to test the boundaries of what was acceptable over the reporting of criminal cases".

He said: "At times it appeared to me the press had lost any sense of internal constraint and felt able, indeed entitled, to print what they wished, shielded by the right of 'freedom of expression' without any of the concomitant responsibilities."

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