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Police to regain power to charge suspects

The Guardian, 19 May 2010
Publié le : 19 mai 2010
 Alan Travis 

"The power to decide whether a suspect is charged in hundreds of thousands of cases a year is to be restored to the police, the new home secretary, Theresa May, will announce tomorrow.

"In her first major speech as home secretary she is expected to tell the Police Federation annual conference that the Crown Prosecution Service will lose the power to decide whether many cases should go to court as part of her drive against police bureaucracy. She will also talk about her determination to introduce directly-elected police commissioners.

"The Conservatives have claimed that Labour "bowed to the lawyer lobby" when it introduced "statutory charging" in 2003 and took the power to decide whether a suspect should be charged out of the hands of the police station custody sergeant and into the hands of the CPS."

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