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Police surround bank after armed man sparks hostage fears

The Guardian, 29 June 2010
Publié le : 29 juin 2010
 Owen Bowcott 

"Armed police surrounded a bank in Surrey and arrested a suspected gunman who had taken customers and staff hostage.

"The standoff began at around 4pm, when police were told that a man brandishing a sawn-off shotgun entered a branch of Barclays bank in Ashford, on the western edge of London.

"A Surrey police force helicopter hovered over the building, which is not far from Heathrow airport, while armed officers and hostage negotiators were called in. As many as 16 people were trapped inside.

"Shortly after 7pm, a line of people emerged from the bank with their hands up. Officers ordered them to kneel on the ground as they were checked to determine whether they were hostages or robbers. Some of the hostages were wearing white boiler suits which the gunman had ordered them to put on. He was also said to have asked them to use spray paint to cover the windows from the inside. Police cars were parked close to the bank, and nearby roads sealed off."

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