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After 50 years, Kelso Cochrane's 'killer' is named in book on notorious Notting Hill race murder

The Daily Telegraph, 8 September 2011
Publié le : 8 septembre 2011
 Gordon Rayner 

"The black carpenter was stabbed to death by an unidentified white youth in Notting Hill, west London, against a backdrop of simmering racial tension.

"In a case which was echoed by the murder of Stephen Lawrence in 1993, the identity of the alleged killer became an open secret in the community, leading to accusations that the police themselves were racist for failing to solve it.

"There were also suspicions that the police feared a violent backlash if a white man were to be tried and hanged for murdering a black man less than a year after the Notting Hill race riots.

"But Cochrane's surviving relatives may at last have some answers after a new book identified the alleged murderer by piecing together what happened in the early hours of May 17, 1959."

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