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With floodwaters finally gone, a Japan town searches for tsunami victims

The Los Angeles Times, 21 March 2011
Publié le : 21 mars 2011
 John M. Glionna 
"Reporting from Nakanosawa, Japan They covered the body with a child's blanket, a fluffy blue-green cloak decorated with white lilies. Beneath the cloth was a man, maybe in his 40s, missing his right arm from the elbow, a final insult to one of the countless victims of this agricultural town's tsunami nightmare. "On a warm late-winter morning, four recovery workers bent low, slowly lifting the corpse in silent deference, before splashing through the muck and ooze of the rural rice field toward the road. "On Sunday, the ritual was repeated again and again, at least a dozen times, as teams many in hazmat gowns finally had an opportunity to reach the bodies of friends and neighbors that had languished in a sea of mud and wreckage since the earthquake and tsunami struck March 11." Read on...
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