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Who is Robert Bales? Friends, comrades thought they knew

The Los Angeles Times, 20 March 2012
Publié le : 20 mars 2012
 Kim Murphy and Louis Sahagun 
For those who grew up with him, Robert Bales seemed to have a place reserved on easy street. Captain of the football team and president of the sophomore class at his Ohio high school, Bales after just three years of college had an oceanfront condo in Florida. He was also pulling in more than $100,000 a year as a financial advisor.

His investment work ran into trouble, though, and when the Sept. 11 attacks came, Bales felt what friends said was an irresistible call. He enlisted in the Army — signed up for the hardest duty anybody could ask for, the infantry — and headed almost straight for Iraq.

"I thought, 'Jeez, man. That's crazy. You've got it all,' " said Steven Berling, a high school friend.

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