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White House fears gas prices could tank Obama

The Los Angeles Times, 6 April 2011
Publié le : 7 avril 2011
 Peter Nicholas 
"Reporting from Fairless Hills, Pa. For much of President Obama's term, White House aides were convinced the main barrier to his reelection was the worrisome unemployment rate. But even as the economy bounces back, a new political obstacle has emerged: rising gas prices. "Trying to defuse the issue, the White House has arranged a slew of speeches and public events to reassure Americans that Obama has a plan for cutting gas prices. "On Wednesday, Obama flew to Pennsylvania a perennial swing state for a town-hall-style meeting devoted to energy. He travels Friday to Indiana, another important state on the 2012 election calendar, where he will appear at an event in Indianapolis that is also focused on high oil prices." Read on...
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