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We must protect true meaning of marriage, says Roman Catholic leader

The Daily Telegraph, 6 March 2012
Publié le : 6 mars 2012
 John Bingham 

Redefining marriage to include homosexuals would be a profoundly radical step stripping it of its distinctive nature, the Archbishop of Westminster, the Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, will say.

The warning, the most significant intervention yet into the debate on gay marriage, is in a letter to be read from the pulpit in 2,500 churches during Mass this Sunday. It has been seen by The Daily Telegraph as the Government prepares to announce the terms of a national consultation on a proposed change to the law on marriage.

The last time the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church intervened on a political issue, during the threat to impose quotas on faith schools in 2007, ministers climbed down within days.

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