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UK's top scientist urges care in presenting results of climate change

The Guardian, 27 January 2010
Publié le : 27 janvier 2010
 Haroon Siddique 

"A failure by some scientists to be candid on the uncertainty of predicting the rate of climate change is to blame for fuelling scepticism about such predictions, according the ­government's chief scientific adviser.

"John Beddington's comments come in the wake of an admission by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that a claim in its 2007 report that Himalayan glaciers could melt away by 2035 was unfounded. The admission has been used as ammunition by climate change sceptics, who say the public is being misled.

"Beddington said scientists should give a caveat to their predictions where there was uncertainty, and release source data "wherever possible" - but added that uncertainty was no excuse for inaction. "I don't think it's healthy to dismiss proper scepticism," he tells the Times newspaper today. "Science grows and improves in the light of criticism. There is a fundamental uncertainty about climate change prediction that can't be changed.""

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