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Trident nuclear deterrent upgrade 'nonsensical', says liberal thinktank

The Guardian, 5 March 2012
Publié le : 5 mars 2012
 Nick Hopkins 

The UK's plans to spend more than £25bn on a new nuclear deterrent are "nonsensical" and should be scrapped because there is no foreseeable threat to the country, says a study published on Monday.

The paper, from CentreForum, an independent liberal thinktank, says the government is sleepwalking into taking a costly and illogical decision when the army, navy and air force are being squeezed by budget cuts.

It urges the immediate retirement of Trident with all the saved money being reinvested to upgrade the military's conventional weapons.

The 60-page study, Dropping the Bomb: A Post-Trident Future, is believed to reflect the views of many senior Lib Dems who are trying to force a debate on whether the UK still needs an independent nuclear deterrent.

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