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Titanic: Life, death aboard the ship that sank 100 years ago today

The Chicago Tribune, 16 April 2012
Publié le : 16 avril 2012
 Amy Hubbard 
The legend of the Titanic disaster has been plumbed, plundered and presented in 3-D, but the ship that famously sank 100 years ago today in the North Atlantic has shown remarkable tenacity in its grip on popular imagination.

Some argue about what keeps the tale of the Titanic sailing. Is it the money? The 1997 movie, James Cameron's film, depicting the interrupted journey of the British passenger liner from Southampton, England, to New York, certainly had something to do with it. "Titanic" burned dramatic images into the collective conscience.

But it's the real-life stories that seem indelible -- hundreds of tales of heroes, survivors, anguish and lost love.

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