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The Works of William Hogarth


The primary aim of this project is to facilitate access to William Hogarth’s works on the web and to create a coherent database for teachers and researchers. The engravings come from the 1822 Nichols edition which was printed from the original plates (restored by James Heath). We have also reproduced the biographical essay and explanatory notes written by John Nichols for his edition of Hogarth’s works. Scholars are welcome to download and use our material in their own works as long as they credit La Clé des langues (Clifford Armion, dir.) and ENS Média (Vincent Brault, photo) for the reproductions.

Plates and commentaries included in the Nichols edition


Before and After

These two prints were set aside from the 1822 Nichols edition for obvious reasons of morality. The plates were nonetheless restored by James Heath and sold with the volume in a separate envelope.

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