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'Suicide bomber' targets British Ambassador to Yemen

The Times, 27 April 2010
Publié le : 27 avril 2010
 James Hider 

"The British Ambassador to Yemen escaped assassination yesterday when a suicide bomber attacked his convoy as it travelled through the capital, Sanaa.

"Tim Torlot, a 52-year-old career diplomat, who has served in the Arab state since July 2007, was being driven in his armour-plated vehicle close to the British Embassy when a man thought to be an al-Qaeda militant threw himself at the convoy and detonated his explosives. The ambassador was not hurt.

"The attack will heighten concerns about security in Yemen, where al-Qaeda has been gaining strength over the past year. The failed terrorist attack that targeted the British Ambassador in Sanaa carries the fingerprints of al-Qaeda, said the Yemeni Interior Ministry. It identified the would-be assassin as 22-year-old Othman Ali al-Salwi, adding that his head was found 50 yards from the blast site."

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