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Suburbs Unite in Quest for Federal Housing Aid, but Are Shut Out

The New York Times, 7 May 2010
Publié le : 7 mai 2010
 Juan-Pablo Velez 

"When a federal housing agency asked dozens of suburban cities in the Chicago area to band together to request a share of a $2 billion federal fund to help renovate foreclosed homes, they did exactly that.

"But when the Department of Housing and Urban Development announced the awards as part of the federal stimulus program on Jan. 14, these cities got nothing, while Chicago which had fewer foreclosed homes in 2009 got $98 million.

"The disparity has left suburban mayors, real estate developers and residents with few resources to draw on as they address a growing number of boarded-up houses and overgrown lawns. The inability of the suburban cities to get federal money also raises questions about the effectiveness of an Obama administration effort to break down the crazy quilt of competing jurisdictions that often stands in the way of regional development."

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