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Study Shows Better Scores for Charter School Students

The New York Times, 22 September 2009
Publié le : 22 septembre 2009
 Jennifer Medina 

"Students who entered lotteries and won spots in New York City charter schools performed better on state exams than students who entered the same lotteries but did not secure charter school seats, according to a study by a Stanford University economist being released Tuesday.

"Charter schools, which are privately run but publicly financed, have been faring well on standardized tests in recent years. But skeptics have discounted their success by accusing them of creaming the best students, saying that the most motivated students and engaged parents are the ones who apply for the spots.

"The study's methodology addresses that issue by comparing charter school students with students of traditional schools who applied for charter spots but did not get them. Most of the city's 99 charter schools admit students by lottery."

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