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Shrimp and oil are still king at this Louisiana festival

The Los Angeles Times, 6 September 2010
Publié le : 6 septembre 2010
 Richard Fausset 
"Reporting from Morgan City, La. After the BP oil spill, the organizers of one of America's more unusual civic celebrations began fielding the phone calls, the ones that invariably asked: Are you really going to have it this year? "In response, they erected a big billboard on U.S. 90 as it winds west from New Orleans through the heart of Cajun country. ""YES," the sign said. "We Are Having 75th Annual Shrimp and Petroleum Festival." "Morgan City's civic leaders never doubted they would green-light their paean to crustaceans and crude, even though one of the featured industries has been threatening, of late, to wipe the other one out." Read on...
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