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'Seething' Brown claims moral high ground – but will not attack his old ally

The Independent, 3 September 2010
Publié le : 3 septembre 2010
 Andrew Grice 

"Gordon Brown is said to be "seething" and "dismayed" about Tony Blair's searing criticism of him in his memoirs but yesterday told aides not to respond in kind.

"Instead, claiming the moral high ground, he announced how he plans to devote his spare time to working without payment to improve conditions in the world's poorest countries.

"The former prime minister will be paid up to £64,000 for some speeches, to fund a London-based Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown, with a staff of two or three. Mr Blair has a staff of about 130 for his work as a Middle East peace envoy; projects in Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Liberia; a London office and his sports and inter-faith foundations. He is said to have been paid up to £250,000 for speeches and to have earned £20m since leaving Downing Street in 2007."

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