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Secret cyber-warriors: our war on Whitehall

The Independent, 9 June 2011
Publié le : 9 juin 2011
 Kevin Rawlinson 

"Their cyber attacks on governments and corporations have seen the loose collective of hackers known only as Anonymous pass from obscurity to becoming the byword for online guerrilla warfare. Nevertheless, the group has remained an enigma.

"Today though, in a series of interviews, Anonymous members speak out, promising to step up their campaign of attacks and revealing that they have hacked Whitehall websites. They speak of ambitions on the part of some of their number to hack British police servers and also of fears for their own futures, because of the widespread infiltration of cyber hackers by security services.

"Anonymous has already hit the likes of MasterCard and Paypal but its list of possible targets is huge, members say. One promises future hacks that are large and impressive. Another said members had been discussing how to breach the UK's Police National Computer (PNC), which contains details of crimes, to delete a few user records."

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