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Samoa Islands and Indonesia quake death tolls continue to rise

The Los Angeles Times, 1 October 2009
Publié le : 1 octobre 2009
 David Pierson 
"Reporting from Beijing - The death tolls from two powerful underwater earthquakes less than a day apart continued to climb early today as residents of the islands of Samoa and the Indonesian island of Sumatra began to dig out from the natural disasters that tore through their cities and villages. "An earthquake that struck western Indonesia on Wednesday killed at least 200 people in the coastal Sumatran city of Padang, according to news reports. Thousands more were believed dead, said Indonesian Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari, including many trapped in an estimated 500 buildings that toppled or were damaged in the magnitude 7.6 quake. "Jane Liddon, a resident who spoke to Australian radio from Padang, said the city center had been devastated, Reuters news agency reported." Read on...
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