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Salman Rushdie accused of 'unchivalrous behaviour' after Facebook exchange with socialite

The Daily Telegraph, 2 December 2011
Publié le : 2 décembre 2011
 Staff writer 

The Satanic Verses verses author is believed to have met Devorah Rose, the editor of the glossy Social Life magazine, at a party in the Hamptons and later to have joined her at a number of intimate dinners in Manhattan.

But his insistence that there is no romantic relationship between the two of them, led to a scathing response from Miss Rose, who would only give her age as in her twenties.

She posted a message on Twitter reading "Never let someone paint you in a negative light" and linking to an apparent series of Facebook messages over the summer where Sir Salman asked if she would like to go for a drink "in real life", noting that the internet "has its limits".

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