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Republicans mobilize healthcare opposition

The Los Angeles Times, 23 March 2010
Publié le : 23 mars 2010
 Janet Hook and James Oliphant 
"Following their decisive healthcare defeat in the House, Republicans on Monday prepared a three-pronged effort to wage a continuing fight against the bill -- beginning with a drive this week to stall follow-up legislation in the Senate.

"And even before the healthcare bill has become law, Republicans are backing an effort by a dozen state attorneys general to challenge the bill's constitutionally in court, and they are making it a 2010 campaign priority to call for the law's repeal.

"President Obama is scheduled on Tuesday to sign the nearly $1-trillion healthcare overhaul given final approval Sunday night by the House. But the Democrats' victory will not be complete until the Senate clears a bill that will put politically sensitive finishing touches on the blueprint."

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