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Republicans Are Clear Underdogs to Flip Senate

The New York Times, 2 November 2010
Publié le : 2 novembre 2010
 Nate Silver 

"While Republicans retain a plausible path toward taking control of the Senate on Tuesday night, it would involve their winning at least two seats in which they appear to be underdogs, while simultaneously avoiding upsets in several other races in which they are narrowly favored. Unless the Republicans have a significant wind at their backs and are overperforming in most parts of the country, their chances of doing so are slim.

"The state that appears to have gotten away from Republicans is West Virginia, where Joe Manchin III, a Democrat running far to his right, appears to have created some space in the polls between himself and his Republican opponent, John Raese. Mr. Manchin has leads of 4 and 5 points in two new polls released within the past 24 hours, margins which in recent years have held up quite reliably on election day."

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