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Republican front-runners Mitt Romney, Rick Perry come from different worlds

The Washington Post, 19 September 2011
Publié le : 19 septembre 2011
 Philip Rucker 

"The Republican Party has produced as front-runners for the presidential nomination two men just three years apart in age but who otherwise are about as different as possible in style, substance, biography and their appeals to voters.

"One was born into a privileged family in a tony Michigan suburb; the other, onto a flat expanse of West Texas dirt with no indoor plumbing. One spent his youth tooling around his father's car factory; the other, selling Bibles door to door so he could afford to buy a car. One excelled at Harvard University, simultaneously earning law and business degrees and swiftly climbing the corporate ladder; the other, his hope of becoming a veterinarian dashed when he flunked organic chemistry at Texas A&M University, joined the Air Force.

"Where Mitt Romney is obedient and cautious, Rick Perry is bombastic and spontaneous. If they had attended the same high school, they probably would have hung out at opposite ends of the hallway. Their relationship today is said to be frosty, if there is one at all."

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