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Rep. Anthony Weiner exits politics, but is it forever?

The Los Angeles Times, 16 June 2011
Publié le : 17 juin 2011
 Tina Susman and Kathleen Hennessey 
"Over howls from hecklers and cheers from die-hard fans, Rep. Anthony Weiner resigned from Congress in a brief and raucous news conference that raised more questions than it answered, from the future prospects for the fallen Democratic star and his district to the whereabouts of his wife, who was a no-show as her husband's sexting scandal cost him his job.

"Ten days after confessing that he had sent sexually provocative online messages to several women, Weiner bowed to pressure that peaked this week when President Obama said that if he were in the congressman's shoes, he would quit. Weiner, who had vowed to stay in office, acknowledged Thursday that the scandal was hampering his, and all of Congress', ability to work."

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