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Policeman kills man wanted in coffee-shop slaying of 4 cops

The Chicago Tribune, 2 December 2009
Publié le : 2 décembre 2009
 Gene Johnson 
"SEATTLE (AP) A lone officer on patrol in the middle of the night Tuesday spotted a stolen car, its hood up and engine running, and pulled over to check it out. As the patrolman sat in his cruiser, a burly man with a large mole on his cheek came up from behind. "The officer turned, stepped outside and recognized the most wanted man in the Pacific Northwest the ex-con accused of gunning down four cops at a coffee shop. "Moments later, Maurice Clemmons, 37, lay dead in the street, shot by the patrolman after Clemmons made a move for a gun he had taken from one of the slain officers, police said." Read on...
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