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Pakistan says 60 militants killed; Taliban says it pushed back troops

The Los Angeles Times, 19 October 2009
Publié le : 19 octobre 2009
 Alex Rodriguez 
"Reporting from Islamabad, Pakistan - On the second day of Pakistan's major offensive to uproot the Taliban from tribal areas along the Afghan border, the military claimed to have killed 60 militants, while the Taliban countered that it had fended off the troops' initial onslaught. "Wildly differing interpretations of progress being made on both sides are expected to continue as the military proceeds with its most crucial ground operation so far in its war against Islamic militants. "Pakistani army officials said Sunday that 60 militants and five soldiers were killed during the first 24 hours of the offensive, in which thousands of troops have been moved into a large section of South Waziristan considered a stronghold for militants loyal to Taliban leader Hakimullah Mahsud and his predecessor, Baitullah Mahsud, as well as Al Qaeda fighters. Baitullah Mahsud was killed in a U.S. drone strike Aug. 5." Read on...
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