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Outside Haiti's capital, help trickles in

The Los Angeles Times, 19 January 2010
Publié le : 19 janvier 2010
 Joe Mozingo 
"Reporting from Leogane, Haiti - Only the goats risk the cool shade of the century-old colonnades left standing in this provincial capital. "The people have hauled themselves and their possessions into the middle of the dirt roads, away from the fallen storefront arches and tin roofs that now rest on piles of brick like crumpled hats. Leogane looks like an archaeological dig overrun by squatters who wait for food, medical attention and shelter from the sun and coming rain. "International aid is starting to pour into Port-au-Prince, two hours to the east. On Monday, four ships carrying 2,200 Marines anchored off the coast and began ferrying supplies and personnel ashore. There were scattered reports of looting and gunfire in the capital, but U.N. officials said the relief effort was gaining momentum. And international teams were still finding victims alive under the rubble." Read on...
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