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Osborne's got it wrong on the economy, warns public

The Independent, 29 May 2012
Publié le : 29 mai 2012
 Andrew Grice 

Seven out of 10 people want George Osborne to adopt a "Plan B" on the economy to give priority to growth rather than spending cuts, according to a poll for The Independent.

ComRes found that 72 per cent of the public believe it is time for the Coalition to perform a U-turn so that its policy is focused more on promoting growth and less on cuts, while 17 per cent disagree and 11 per cent don't know.

Significantly, 64 per cent of people who voted Conservative at the 2010 general election and 68 per of those who backed the Liberal Democrats want a change of course. So do 86 per cent of people who voted Labour.

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