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Obama seeks ways around Congress to boost economy

The Los Angeles Times, 14 June 2011
Publié le : 14 juin 2011
 Peter Nicholas 
"Reporting from Durham, N.C. With traditional tools to jolt the economy largely exhausted or unavailable to him, President Obama is turning to more modest measures in an effort to persuade voters that he is continuing to fight for the millions who are out of work. "Obama's meeting here Monday with business experts and workers was shadowed by a wave of ominous economic reports that could be the president's political undoing. The unemployment rate last week ticked up to 9.1%; the housing market has sagged to 2002 levels; and first-quarter economic growth was an anemic 1.8%. "All this has created openings for Republican presidential hopefuls. Mitt Romney, the nominal GOP front-runner, was deadlocked with Obama in one recent poll, having made the economy the central thrust of his campaign." Read on...
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