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Obama chooses former Clinton staffers in a move to the center

The Los Angeles Times, 7 January 2011
Publié le : 7 janvier 2011
 Peter Nicholas 
"Reporting from Washington President Obama has recast his White House team for the second half of his term, giving top jobs to a pair of Clinton-era veterans in a signal to business leaders and independent voters that he is resolved to steer a more centrist course after two years of intense partisan clashes. "Obama announced Thursday that he was installing William Daley as chief of staff, entrusting the White House operation and perhaps the future of his presidency to a former Commerce secretary who has warned that pressing a liberal agenda risks scaring away an all-important bloc of moderate voters. "Obama on Friday will name Gene Sperling as his chief economic advisor, turning again to a Clinton alumnus who has experience working with a Republican majority, the reality that now confronts Obama with GOP control of the House." Read on...
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