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NHS patients in England face 'confusing mix' of urgent healthcare

The Guardian, 22 November 2011
Publié le : 22 novembre 2011
 James Meikle 

Patients face such a confusing mix of places to seek urgent health care or advice in England that their safety could be at risk, the government has been warned.

The services that had proliferated between GP surgeries and A&E departments made it difficult to define who was responsible for care as patients moved across organisational boundaries within the NHS, according to the NHS Alliance, representing commissioners, and the Primary Care Foundation, a company that advises on best practice.

Calling for the system of 24/7 care outside hospital to be simplified, their report said: "In addition to NHS Direct [the phone and web advice service], general practice, emergency departments and the ambulance service, a host of new facilities, including walk-in centres, urgent care centres, polyclinics, equitable access centres and GP-led health centres all offer a slightly different range of services available at varying times."

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