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La revue de presse de La Clé des langues

Chaque lundi, mardi, jeudi et vendredi, La Clé des langues vous propose plusieurs regards sur un évènement marquant ou insolite de l'actualité de la sphère culturelle anglophone. Notre sélection d'articles est issue des grands quotidiens britanniques et américains. Visualisez les premiers paragraphes sur notre site, vous pourrez ensuite consulter l'intégralité de l'article sur le site du journal. La revue de presse est relayée sur notre page Facebook et accompagnée d'une image du jour : abonnez vous! (cliquez sur "j'aime")
Today's key story:
24 November 2015 - David Cameron visits Paris to discuss ISIS

La revue de presse, archives 2015
La revue de presse, archives 2014

23 November 2015 - UK Spending Review 2015
20 November 2015 - US presidential candidates detail their plans against ISIS
19 November 2015 - Anonymous launches cyberattacks against ISIS
17 November 2015 - After Paris attacks, CIA Head reignites surveillance debate
16 November 2015 - Paris Attacks
13 November 2015 - Narendra Modi visits the UK
12 November 2015 - Ex-soldier arrested over Bloody Sunday shootings
10 November 2015 - Jeb Bush's campaign reboot
9 November 2015 - Remembrance Day
6 November 2015 - Million Mask March in London
5 November 2015 - Social media star deletes Instagram account
3 November 2015 - Syria airstrike vote
2 November 2015 - Shaker Aamer's release from Guantanamo Bay
23 October 2015 - Hillary Rodham Clinton at the Benghazi Hearing
22 October 2015 - Joe Biden won't be running for President
20 October 2015 - Justin Trudeau leads Liberals to majority government in Canada
19 October 2015 - Junior doctors protest against new contracts
16 October 2015 - Bridge of Spies: Spielberg's take on the Cold War
15 October 2015 - First Democratic Debate
13 October 2015 - Playboy to stop publishing photos of naked women
12 October 2015 - Pro-EU Campaign to start in the UK
09 October 2015 - House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy drops out of race for House speaker
08 October 2015 - Walthamstow street shut after mass brawl involving 200 people
06 October 2015 - English shoppers to pay 5p plastic bag charge
05 October 2015 - Historic flooding in South Carolina
02 October 2015 - Oregon shooting at Umpqua College kills 10
01 October 2015 - Labour Party conference in Brighton
29 September 2015 - Trevor Noah takes over as Daily Show host
28 September 2015 - Anti-gentrification protesters target cereal cafe in London
25 September 2015 - Scottish independence debate
24 September 2015 - Pope Francis' visit to the USA
22 September 2015 - David Cameron's "piggate"
21 September 2015 - Emmy Awards
18 September 2015 - Historian finds the oldest occurrence of the F-word
17 September 2015 - Second Republican Debate: Carly Fiorina dominates
15 September 2015 - Australian PM Tony Abbott ousted by Malcolm Turnbull
14 September 2015 - Jeremy Corbyn becomes Labour leader
11 September 2015 - The second Republican debate
10 September 2015 - Queen Elizabeth II becomes longest reigning British monarch
8 September 2015 - Stormont crisis after IRA murder claims
7 September 2015 - Kentucky clerk refuses to issue same-sex marriage licenses
4 September 2015 - David Cameron on the refugee crisis
3 September 2015 - Benedict Cumberbatch's Hamlet at the Barbican
1 September 2015 - Remembering Wes Craven

Today's Front Pages

Through a special agreement with more than 2000 newspapers worldwide, the Newseum displays these front pages each day on its website. A wonderful resource for class activities around the news. Visit the Newseum website!
You might also be interested in the Newseum's archives.

News from around the world


The Irish Times: A socially liberal and rather left wing newspaper. Founded in 1859, it is one of the major Irish daily information media and offers an excellent online edition.
The Irish Independent: Founded in 1905, it is Ireland's best-selling daily newspaper. Its website offers regular updates on both Irish and world news.

South Africa

The Mail and Guardian: A major investigative newspaper founded in 1985. Although it is a weekly paper, its online version offers daily updates on South African and world news.


The Daily Telegraph: Founded in 1879 and named after the British upmarket daily newspaper, it  is rather conservative and offers a variety of sections ranging from politics to 'wacky' news.
The Australian: Less populist than the telegraph, this newspaper provides its readers with news from all over South-East Asia. It was founded in 1964 and is based in Sydney.

New Zealand

The New Zealand Herald: Founded in 1863, it is the country's best-selling paper and offers an excellent website with regular news updates.


The Toronto Star: Canada's largest daily newspaper, with a left of centre vantage point. It was founded in 1892.
The Globe and Mail: A result of the 1936 merger between The Globe and The Mail and Empire, it is a widely read conservative newspaper.


The Indian Express: Started in 1931, it is one of India's most prominent daily newspapers. It is renowned for its investigative reports and offers a fine website.

On the lighter side

The Daily Mirror: Launched in 1903, the Mirror was intended as a newspaper for women, run by women. It now belongs to the buoyant and colorful British gutter press.
The Sun: Founded in 1964 and sold in the UK and Ireland, it is the pendent of the Mirror on the waiting room table of any good British GP.
People: An American weekly magazine of celebrity and human-interest stories founded in 1974.
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