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La revue de presse de La Clé des langues

Chaque lundi, mardi, jeudi et vendredi, La Clé des langues vous propose plusieurs regards sur un évènement marquant ou insolite de l'actualité de la sphère culturelle anglophone. Notre sélection d'articles est issue des grands quotidiens britanniques et américains. Visualisez les premiers paragraphes sur notre site, vous pourrez ensuite consulter l'intégralité de l'article sur le site du journal. La revue de presse est relayée sur notre page Facebook et accompagnée d'une image du jour : abonnez vous! (cliquez sur "j'aime")
Today's key story:
22 May 2015 - McDonald workers on strike

La revue de presse, archives 2014

5 January 2015 - General Election campaign has begun
6 January 2015 - Republicans take control of Congress
7/8 January 2015 - Paris terror attack
8 January 2015 - Paris terror attack follow up
9 January 2015 - Reactions to Paris attack
12 January 2015 - Golden Globes
13 January 2015 - Charlie Hebdo international release
15 January 2015 - Al Murray to stand against UKIP in general election
16 January 2015 - One million missing voters in Britain
19 January 2015 - UK shale gas disappointment
20 January 2015 - No more topless page 3 in The Sun
22 January 2015 - Obama's State of the Union speech
23 January 2015 - Three in ten Brits happy with their lives
26 January 2015 - President Obama in India
27 January 2015 - First female Church of England bishop
29 January 2015 - New England snow storm
30 January 2015 - UK school performances
2 February 2015 - Magna Carta 800th anniversary
3 February 2015 - Obama's budget plan revealed
5 February 2015 - Facebook to push UK general election vote on users
6 February 2015 -  Obama condemns 'horrific acts' in the name of religion
23 February 2015 -  Oscars 2015
24 February 2015 - Homeland Security shutdown
26 February 2015 - UK workers on zero-hours contracts
27 February 2015 - Terrorist ‘Jihadi John’ is a Londoner
2 March 2015 - LAPD officers shoot dead homeless man
5 March 2015 - U.S. ambassador slashed with knife in South Korea
6 March 2015 - Gender pay gap will take 70 years to close
9 March 2015 - Cameron promises 500 more free schools
10 March 2015 - Apple watch on its way
12 March 2015 - Police officers shot during Ferguson protest
13 March 2015 - Terry Pratchett dies aged 66
16 March 2015 - Cameron and EU treaties
17 March 2015 - St Patrick's Day around the world
19 March 2015 - Britain's DNA reveals German ancestry
20 March 2015 - FBI probes hanging death of black man in Mississippi
23 March 2015 - Richard III to be buried again
24 March 2015 - Utah to resume firing squad executions
26 March 2015 - Germanwings plane crash
27 March 2015 - Prince Charles's letters to be published
30 March 2015 - Cameron kicks off election campaign
31 March 2015 - US student loans revolt
2 April 2015 - Major blaze in central London
3 April 2015 - Two NYC women arrested over terror plot
10 April 2015 - Video of Walter Scott shooting released
27 April 2015 - Amy Winehouse documentary is 'misleading'
28 April 2015 - Chaos in Baltimore
4 May 2015 - Royal baby: all you want to know
5 May 2015 - Royal baby's name revealed
7 May 2015 - Britain goes to the polls
11 May 2015 - Reactions to conservative win
12 May 2015 - Tornadoes in Arkansas and Texas
15 May 2015 - SNP asks for new independence referendum
18 May 2015 - Texas shootout among rival biker gangs
19 May 2015 - Britain is in deflation for the first time since 1960
21 May 2015 - David Cameron on EU referendum

Today's Front Pages

Through a special agreement with more than 2000 newspapers worldwide, the Newseum displays these front pages each day on its website. A wonderful resource for class activities around the news. Visit the Newseum website!
You might also be interested in the Newseum's archives.

News from around the world


The Irish Times: A socially liberal and rather left wing newspaper. Founded in 1859, it is one of the major Irish daily information media and offers an excellent online edition.
The Irish Independent: Founded in 1905, it is Ireland's best-selling daily newspaper. Its website offers regular updates on both Irish and world news.

South Africa

The Mail and Guardian: A major investigative newspaper founded in 1985. Although it is a weekly paper, its online version offers daily updates on South African and world news.


The Daily Telegraph: Founded in 1879 and named after the British upmarket daily newspaper, it  is rather conservative and offers a variety of sections ranging from politics to 'wacky' news.
The Australian: Less populist than the telegraph, this newspaper provides its readers with news from all over South-East Asia. It was founded in 1964 and is based in Sydney.

New Zealand

The New Zealand Herald: Founded in 1863, it is the country's best-selling paper and offers an excellent website with regular news updates.


The Toronto Star: Canada's largest daily newspaper, with a left of centre vantage point. It was founded in 1892.
The Globe and Mail: A result of the 1936 merger between The Globe and The Mail and Empire, it is a widely read conservative newspaper.


The Indian Express: Started in 1931, it is one of India's most prominent daily newspapers. It is renowned for its investigative reports and offers a fine website.

On the lighter side

The Daily Mirror: Launched in 1903, the Mirror was intended as a newspaper for women, run by women. It now belongs to the buoyant and colorful British gutter press.
The Sun: Founded in 1964 and sold in the UK and Ireland, it is the pendent of the Mirror on the waiting room table of any good British GP.
People: An American weekly magazine of celebrity and human-interest stories founded in 1974.
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