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NASA unveils plan for space vehicle to go beyond low-Earth orbit

The Los Angeles Times, 15 September 2011
Publié le : 15 septembre 2011
 Ralph Vartabedian and W.J. Hennigan 
"After more than a year's delay, NASA on Wednesday unveiled its plan to build a heavy launch vehicle capable of sending astronauts beyond low-Earth orbit by 2025, but it would be only slightly more powerful than the 1960s-era Saturn V that launched Americans to the moon. "The new system would combine elements of the retired space shuttle, the abandoned Constellation program and some potentially new hardware that would be phased in over the next decade, assuming Congress continues to provide about $3 billion per year for the work. "Although NASA has outlined its engineering design for the launch system, the agency has not yet set out a road map of where the machine would take humans in the solar system and when exactly it would conduct such missions." Read on...
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