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NASA lunar mission combines romance of moon with lust for cosmic violence

The Chicago Tribune, 9 October 2009
Publié le : 9 octobre 2009
 Alicia Chang, Seth Borenstein 

"WASHINGTON (AP) For as long as man has looked up, the moon has inspired romance, poetry and songs. Man also likes blowing things up. Now we get to do both in the name of science. "The aim of Friday's deliberate crash of two unmanned NASA spacecraft into the moon is to see if they can kick up some ice. It is the 20th lunar crash, most of them done on purpose, since the Russians first did it 50 years ago last month. "And that doesn't count the eight times we tried and somehow missed the moon or couldn't get off the ground. For more than a century, the idea of Earthlings taking a swipe at the moon has permeated popular culture. The most enduring image is from the 1902 classic movie, "A Trip to the Moon," in which a bullet-like rocket wincingly lodges in the eye of the man in the moon."

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