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Mitt Romney can't count on home-state advantage in Michigan

The Los Angeles Times, 16 February 2012
Publié le : 16 février 2012
 Paul West 
Reporting from Southfield, Mich. Mitt Romney left his native Michigan behind 46 years ago. He has returned repeatedly during a presidential pursuit that is now in its sixth year, but rarely with the desperation evinced now. "Michigan's been my home, and this is personal," Romney says in a new TV ad that features vintage black-and-white photos, including one of a teen-aged Mitt and his square-jawed father, the state's late governor, George Romney. The candidate was speaking of the state's economic distress, but might as well have been addressing his presidential campaign, whose fate could rest on whether he beats back a strong challenge by his newest chief opponent, Rick Santorum, in the state's Feb. 28 primary. Read on...
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