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Libya: Tony Blair defends 'deal in the desert' with Colonel Gaddafi

The Daily Telegraph, 14 April 2011
Publié le : 14 avril 2011
 Bruno Waterfield 

"The former Prime Minister shook hands with Col. Gaddafi after talks in Libya in 2004 and re-opened diplomatic links.

"David Cameron has criticised Mr Blair's government for conducting dodgy deals in the desert after Gaddafi regime used air attacks and tanks in attempts to crush rebels.

"When Libya was prepared to give up sponsoring terrorism and support the fight against it, to give up its chemical and nuclear weapons, that was good and we were right to welcome it, he said.

"We are right, equally, to condemn what has happened now and in the last weeks. The most important thing for Libya is that we create now a process that allows the Libyan people to elect their own government and to get a constitution they want."

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